MKSC 2017 Member Profiles


Billy Hatcher, MKSC Co-Founder




Member since 2003

IT Systems, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Rides:  1964 Vespa SS180, 1964 Bianchi – Ward’s riverside Orsetto 80, 1969 Vespa GTR125, 1980 Vespa ET3 Rat Racer (nuthin’ stock about it!), 1968 Bultaco Campera 175, 1968 Benelli – Ward’s Riverside 350 SS, 1971 Yamaha HT-1B Enduro 90, 1971 Yamaha AT-1 Enduro 125, 1973 Triumph Tiger 750 cafe, 1974 Bultaco Alpina 350, 1975 Bultaco Pursand 250 MX, 1980 Moto Morini 500 Sport Can usually be found:  Enjoying Blues Night at Kudzu’s Bar and Grill, or racing AHRMA Vintage Motocross

Drinking:  PBR and shots of tequila… always!

Susan and Philip Prichard, Co-Presidents



Members since 2010

Favorite ride together:  3000-mile round trip Memphis to Key West for our beach wedding

He: Whiskey Church Productions and Part owner in Prichard’s Distillery

Rides:  2009 Vespa GTS250, 1965 Vespa GL 150, 2010 Triumph Speedmaster, 1978 Yamaha EX 400

Favorite drink:  Hey, with a name like Prichard’s…!

She: Family law attorney and  mediator at Butler, Sevier, Hinsley, and Reid (BSHR)

Rides: Vespa LX150 (aka Pinkie), 1965 Vespa GL 150 (…sometimes..), and a Red Vespa 250ie

Favorite drink:  Prichard’s Crystal Rum and Tonic


glennprofileGlenn Phillips, Vice President

Member since 2009

Rides: 1965 Vespa VNB (not usually running), 1974 Vespa Rally 200 w/sidecar (almost running), 2008 Yamaha Vino (always runs), 2005 Genuine Stella nautical custom.


Creative contractor, artist, repurposer, custom MKSC trophy maker, lousy scooter mechanic.


Drinks: wouldn’t mind a beer – something cheap & light or something dark & yummy. The stuff in between is all marketing.


James and Donita Cunningham (Treasurer)


Members since 2011

He: owner, JC Investments, LLC; Memphis musician (drummer)

Rides: Vespa GTV 250

Favorite drink: not particular, so long as its beer!

She: Retired Aerospace Logistics Project Manager

Rides:  2011 Vespa LX 150

My most favorite ride: my first Big Easy Weekender Rally 2011 – across Lake Ponchartrain Bridge

Favorite watering hole: anywhere I can find my MKSC peeps

Favorite beverage: Prichard’s Sweet Lucy!



Greg Gentry and Elizabeth “Eli” Eickhoff (Secretary)


Members since 2014

Greg and Eli are both musicians, guitar, and bass respectively, and avid scooterists.

Greg rides a 1964 Lambretta TV175 (when it starts) and a 2009 Vespa GTS250 Super (which always starts). Eli tries to ride two Vespas at once but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of that yet, so she rides her 2010 LX150 and 2013 GTS300 separately.

Both are from TN, one from each end of the state. Eli grew up in Memphis and Greg in Chattanooga.

Their favorite rides include the twisties in the rolling hills around the north Georgia mountains.
When he’s not scooting or playing guitar, Greg is a CPA and works for ADP Tax Credit Services as Senior Director. Eli is still looking for the meaning of life, and also works as acting COO and Creative Director on the homefront.
Greg’s favorite drink is anything beer-related, preferably microbrews and beer as dark as chocolate milk. Eli prefers her iced tea unsweetened with lemon.






 Jay Blundon




Member since 2009

Neuroscientist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Rides: 1979 Vespa P200E, 2013 Piaggio BV 350, 2005 Genuine Stella 2T, 2013 Honda CB1100

My most favorite ride:  Bike trip to visit my ancestral homeland: Blundon’s Island, Newfoundland, Canada (have tent and sleeping bag, will ride!)

I can be found riding often: along the Mississippi River Trail with my best girl riding by my side on her Tigger (Kymco Like)

Drinking: Miller Lite usually, but I’ve been known to perform brain surgery for a good Manhattan.  And ask me about my martinis!

On the iPod:  70’s Rock (a great time to be a teenager)






 Lettie Blundon


Member since 2009

Volunteer Specialist at Methodist Hospice

Rides: 2015 Kymco Like 200 (aka Tigger)

My most favorite ride: Riding the Maine Lobster Roll from Portland to Rockland, Maine and then scooting across the oldest cribstone bridge in the country (Bailey Island, Maine)

I can often be found riding: to the Shelby Forest General Store (where I treat myself to a Klondike Bar!)

Favorite drink: White Zin, Double Bailey’s on the rocks, and Sweet Lucy (preferably not all of that mixed).  And a Two Kisses martini whenever the occasion calls!


 Blake Brown

blakebrown2Member since 2012

Hairstylist/part-time ninja

Rides: my first love is my baby girl Metro (secretly known as Junebug), but I am loving riding the Wizards gunmetal Ruckus (hoping to add some music to my rides in the near future..hint hint..)

On the iPod:  Anything from Sam Cooke to STP

Favorite ride: as I am prone to flights of fancy, I prefer riding a sunny country road to the craziness of the city stop and start… but, I’ll take any ride if the weather is great!




Terry Arthurterry

Member since 2008

Imperial Security commander

Rides: Honda Sh150i

My favorite rides:  long rides to nowhere.   Getting lost and finding new places that I’ve never been. The best so far was riding through the land between the lakes to the Midnight Hour rally in Louisville Kentucky.

Can be found: on my days off riding with fishing tackle to Big Hill Pond or to Scruggs Bridge in Alabama to fish. Even without a bite you still have a great ride.

Drinks: Cold Bud Light, Black Russians and Prichard’s Cranberry rum.

On the iPhone: it has to be the 70’s. Abba, Bread, The Who, Pink Floyd





Daniel Notowitz

Member since 2012

Rides:  Honda Helix 250 (times two!)

Can be found: Riding with the Kings at  just about every club event there is!

Drinking:  Diet Coke (Coke Zero when he can get it!)