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MKSC Club By-Laws & Yawner Stuff 


Bylaws of Governance & Membership

The Memphis Kings Scooter Club (MKSC), founded in 2003, is a group of like-minded scooter enthusiasts, who enjoy club gatherings, rallies, and club rides. The MKSC is based in downtown/Midtown Memphis and will conduct business and other meetings within the downtown/Midtown locales of Memphis.


MKSC Governance

MKSC officers will include a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


President: will conduct monthly meetings, coordinate Dead Elvis Scooter Rally, oversee club business and membership.

Vice-President: will assist President in conducting monthly meetings, overseeing Dead Elvis Scooter Rally, directing club business and membership.

Secretary: will take notes as needed at monthly MKSC meetings and other club meetings (ex: Dead Elvis), compile and distribute same to membership.

Treasurer: will manage the MKSC banking and Paypal accounts, including membership dues, merchandise, and Dead Elvis rally finances.

NOTE: To qualify as a MKSC officer, a member must be a MKSC member in good standing for one year and attend a scooter rally sponsored by an out-of-town scooter club.

  • MKSC officer elections will be held at the December MKSC club meeting after nominees have been selected during the November MKSC club meeting. Nominees should be nominated, and then confirmed by two MKSC members.

  • MKSC will hold an official meeting once a month to accomplish MKSC club business and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded scooter enthusiasts.

  • MKSC meetings will be held at a midtown/downtown bar/restaurant.

  • MKSC official means of communication will be via e-mail.


MKSC Membership

  • The Memphis Kings Scooter Clubs welcomes anyone who is 18 years of age or older, with interest in scooters, scooter culture, and riding

  • MKSC members are expected to participate in the Dead Elvis Scooter Rally production and are also encouraged to attend out-of-town scooter rallies presented by other scooter clubs.

  • Any MKSC member who is detrimental to the Memphis Kings Scooter Club, and or its membership, can be permanently removed from MKSC membership via a unanimous decision of MKSC officers and Founder (previous officers may be consulted).  Said member will receive notification and explanation via USPS letter.

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