What's a Scooter Rally?

A rally is kind of like a party, in this case, a party for scooter enthusiasts. The make/model/year of your scoot doesn't matter. You just gotta love them and love riding. There is usually a registration fee. What that fee covers varies from rally to rally, but it usually includes a tshirt, some swag, and a meal or two.

Who puts on the rallies? A scooter club in a city like Memphis simply decides to extend an invitation to other scooterists and scooter clubs to come on a specified weekend. That club is the host. Things you might do at a rally include exploring the city by taking guided rides to interesting sites in the area, meeting other like-minded folks, learning about scooters, showing off your scooter skills in the gymkhana (scooter riding contests), seeing lots of other cool rides, eating local fare, drinking (responsibly, of course), dancing and listening to music, and winning raffle prizes – including scooters!

There are lots of local rallies across the country put on by scooter clubs, and then there's Amerivespa, coordinated by the Vespa Club of America (VCOA). It's the grandaddy of them all. It's a scooter rally on steroids, so to speak, where scooterists from across the country (and some from other countries) gather in a VCOA-selected host city to do all of the above-mentioned activities. Local rallies might have 100 or so scooterists in attendance. Amerivespa attracts SEVERAL HUNDRED scooterists! Memphis hosted an Amerivespa rally in 2016. We had 600+ scooterheads join the party in Memphis!

The Memphis Kings Scooter Club hosts a rally called 'Dead Elvis' because Elvis IS Dead, but we still honor the King of Rock 'n' Roll by putting on an awesome rally where his spirit can ride free, and we can share our love for the King of rock 'n roll. Our rallies always have some tie to Elvis, Memphis, music, etc. In 2019, the rally theme was named after one of the King's great movies, 'Blue Hawaii.'


Our next rally will be in April 2022. Until then, follow us on Facebook to see what the Kings are up to!

Keep scooting! Here's a link to Amerivespa 2022!